Transform Furniture

Project Name: Transform Furniture Pvt. Ltd. (Kitchen Studio).

Location: Chandaka Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar.

Area: 2112 sq.ft.

Cost: INR 25 Lakhs.

Year of completion: 2013.

Concept Note:
The client approached us with the desire to make a kitchen studio work space to display the new modern modular concept kitchen. The design brief was for a space that would feel like a home/kitchen studio with flexibility for alterations. The layout was conceptualized as a vibrant and connected segregated space across different categories to highlight the different possibilities of kitchen and storage solution in modules.
The entire carpet area of transform furniture is 2112 sq ft which is segregated in 2 wardrobe sections, 4 kitchen area displays and a spacious lounge. The existing flooring wasn’t changed and the exposed concrete roof was in its existing form with all its “imperfections” to give a rustic edge and complement the finely engineered display products of Transform Furniture (P) ltd. The track lighting was fabricated from pine wood packaging of the machines and locally available spotlights.
We conceptualized the space to highlight the different possibilities of kitchen and storage solutions, the challenge were to keep scope for alterations so that the space can be converted as and when required. As the client was looking for the space that would feel like a home studio, we came up with the idea of creating a vibrant and connected space across different categories which includes four sets of kitchens and wardrobe units.