An initiative by the Govt of Sikkim, the facility was proposed as an ancillary tourist support system to the proposed sky walk at Bhaley Dunga in South Sikkim.
The project was divided into 3 parts namely – Upper Dhapper, Lower Dhapper & Selemthang. All the three areas along with the Skywalk walk at Bhaley Dunga peak would be connected via the rope way.
The Upper Dhapper was proposed to be developed as the junction for the ropeway trip to the Skywalk. Spread over an area of 3.8 acre, the area would serve as a recreational area with parking, shopping and restaurant facilities with parks and designated resting areas. The idea is that, the tourist can relax and rejuvenate before and after they embark on their exhilarating trip to the skywalk via the ropeway.
The Lower Dhapper spread over an area of 3.29 acre was proposed to be developed as a high end tourist resort with presidential and deluxe cottages. The only way to reach Lower Dhapper was through the ropeway enhancing the luxury factor of the place.
Selemthang spread over an area of 4.31 acre was proposed to be developed as a tourist resort catering to a wider audience and equipped with all the modern amenities.

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