Ruri 4

Project Name: RURI4 Boutique.

Location: Bhubaneswar

Area: 793’-76” sq.ft

Cost: INR 15 Lakhs

Year of completion: 2011

Concept Note:
Ruri4 is a retail outlet in Bhubaneswar offering merchandise and accessories for women and girls. The uniqueness of the boutique does not just stop at the name Ruri(derived from the initials of our promoters “Ruchika and “Ritika”).The fluidic pattern of the boutique is one of its kind in the area and adds to the overall ambience of shopping.
The approach was to highlight the two essential requirements in retail outlet boutique – “display & lighting”. The basic concept of designing the place was to keep it simple and yet connected by inheriting the fluidic pattern. The display was designed in a way that the continuous shelves in “white” at uneven levels not only segregate different clothing sections but also act as a perfect background for the colorful accessories. The use of focus lights and the infinite loop pattern of the shelves does not distract the attention of the customers yet providing a dramatic backdrop and also create a space for the displayed objects to stand out.
The total area of 650 sq ft is segregated organically into display area, billing, workshop, pantry and store. The use of color white not only highlights the different color displayed but also makes it stand out from other retail outlets. This place is designed so that it fulfills all the requirements of owner as well as their clients. The uniqueness of the shop catches the eye of the customer passing by. “One of its type”, “never seen an outlet like this before in Bhubaneswar”, told by the happy customers shopping there.