Living Outdoors

Project Name: Living Outdoors

Location: Ghassa Farm, Pipili, Puri.

Area: 15 acres.

Cost: INR 5 crores

Year of completion: 2014


Concept Note:

With an idea of  creating nature’s retreat away from hustle and bustle of a city life the project was conceptualized as an extension of green agricultural space surrounding the site and at the same time reflecting the opulent lifestyle of the client .

This farmhouse located at Pipili offers a perfect getaway amidst nature with all topical facilities. The space is designed to give solitude to the mind & provide a serene environment. The feast of one’s senses is accentuated by the palm tree laden winding driveway, the beautiful orchard, lush green landscape & the magnificent manmade lake apart from the living space.

The landscape is merged with living space, giving a feel of  LIVING OUTDOORS.  The site is designed in a manner, that it unfolds gradually right from the entrance to the living space.  As one enters the gate, one is treated to a lush green landscape & after the first roundabout, one gets a glimpse of the lake. The roundabout leads to a bay which is used as parking as well as display for vintage cars. A pathway connects the bay to the living spaces.

The Living Space – The cottages with asymmetrical slope roofs and stone texture blends perfectly into the landscape and are provided with corner windows to maximize view The transparency of the built envelope and the foundation plantation softens the built mass, thus the exterior starts interacting with the interiors, substantially defining LIVING OUTDOORS.  The pool and pool deck is placed along the stretch of the lake, wherein the pool fuses with the lake, providing a sense of infinity. A tensile structure have been strategically placed facing the west near the pool; providing shade to the pool from the harsh afternoon sun.

The lake is customized so that the client can delve in his passion for aeronautics as well as boating.

The entire propery has many out of the way facilities like Hangars, go-cart track , Vintage car display area,fish pond,water slides, spa,artificial lake, water jetty and all of these reflects the client’s passion and lifestyle

An air strip with 3 helipads is provided which can be utilized for go-carting as well as a parking space in case of social gatherings. Three hangars have been facilitated which can also be used as a badminton court. The site is also equipped with a water park with 6 slides.

To create an environment within a site when the site so enormous that it is beyond the visual acuity, it is always a challenge. The major challenge was the water-logged farmland site which had to be filled. Being a rejuvenating space within the client’s interest the arena was built over time. Outsourcing various building materials and resources all over India then traversing and assembling in the wilderness of the site was a huge executing challenge.Keeping in mind sustainability and eco-sensitivity, GFRP is used extensively in the property.Use of earthy materials like sandstone, wood and GRP(Stone and wood finish) adds warmth to the living space.