Project Name: Falcon (3bhk Apartment)

Location: Patia, Bhubaneswar

Area: 3003’-10” sq.ft

Cost: INR 3 crore

Year of completion: 2014

Concept Note:

Situated in the suburbs of the self-contained capital of the state of Odisha, Bhubaneswar being the location is profoundly an advantage to the project.
Falcon is a luxurious integrated residency. The integrated project, is planned as an idyllic, green, low rise, pedestrian-friendly and community oriented neighbourhood, with over acres of open and green spaces. To experience this absolute change to the senses, the interiors play a great role.
Even though there is no fixed formula when it comes to designing a flat interiors of an apartment, a few keys to comfortable living are, using unconventional hidden storage solution. The entrance foyer opens up to a very contemporary piece of art made up of wooden battens and lacquered glass etched with pattern where the wood continues on the ceiling making the entrance grand. A point of interest is created with Nomonclock in the formal living adding up to the contemporary style. Attention is given in the design of the apartment in getting zones in common area.Zoning can be visually depicted with the change in the lighting with the coordination of colours and the materialsused in the living.
The split in cube type wooden shelf acts as a smart screening element and maintains the integrity of the interiors.


Idea was that the lighting becomes prominent but the fixtures remain hidden and the appreciation remains unquestioned. Embedding multipurpose furniture in common living area, a dash of colour, saturates the design for a comfortable feel and Falcon, epitomizes all of the above.
Efforts have been made to play with the format of materials used. Each room has its very own aura.Each room stands on its unique presence asthere is contrast in materials and its vivacity. The scaling of furniture, dash and spray of colours are different and unique yet together forms a single entity.

The solid wood floor finish is used as a false ceiling finish in the drawing room, giving it an elegant look. The artificial grass is imbibed on the walls and lighted up with sculptured LEDs, giving a dramatic look.