CONTAINment POD: A fast deployable solution


CONTAINment POD: A fast deployable solution

In these dire times we need immediate expansion of our isolation and treatment facilities. Although the state and the country are converting buildings to medical facilities to treat COVID-19 patients, the mathematical models paint a very grim picture. The need of the hour is a huge number of
immediate quarantine and healthcare facilities.

Currently, there are 17 million shipping containers across the globe. Of those 17 million containers, however, only six million are actually being used for transport or any other practical usage. That means approximately 11 million shipping containers are unused and are just sitting stagnant all over the place.

We suggest to upcycle a 40’ shipping container to a 4 bedded isolation/treatment CONTAINment POD. CONTAINment POD is a fast-deployable solution for augmentation of existing facilities and even setting up of new facilities in remote areas.

The POD is designed to be a self sustained unit powered by solar modules. The door end having a full width opening will be made into a equipment bay to house batteries, inverters, air-conditioning, HEPA filters, oxygen cylinders etc. The balance space will be divided into 4 single units for patients. This space will be insulated to prevent heat ingress. The cabins can be provided with piped oxygen for life support. The solar panels of the roof will provide additional shade to the roof. The sanitation requirement will be met by prefabricated toilet Bio-Toilet which will be kept at a distance, connected by a covered walkway. The walkway can also be covered by solar modules in case more power is required.

The modification and retro fitting of the container will be done at a workshop in about 2 weeks, once modified it can be deployed in no time within city limits or far flung areas as may be required.

After the pandemic these PODs can be used as Rural Schools and primary health care centers in far flung areas.